Adnan Ali

Rafale deal has been in news for all the wrong reasons. Today is no different day as facts are being misinterpreted by media which are related to this deal.

Actually, government has released CAG report on Rafale deal in parliament. It is being said that deal under NDA government is 2.86% cheaper than that of UPA government. Media websites are ‘going gaga’ over this report. They are not asking why didn’t CAG mentioned price of Rafale jets. Then, How can it claim that price of deal is cheaper?

They are not asking how can people trust chief of the CAG, Rajiv Maharishi, who was himself a finance secretary at the time of the Rafael deal? Also, media has ignored the questions posed to Modi government in the CAG report. Yes! It has been mentioned in the report that Rafale deal is not in national-interest.

The question of bank guarantee is being raised in the CAG report. This is the same question due to which UPA and NDA governments are being compared for this deal. It is told in the report that there was bank guarantee for the deal done with UPA govt. This is missing in deal made with NDA.

Actually, some advance payment was to be made to Dassault company for deal during UPA rule. The remaining money was given to France government in the form of bank guarantee. This was beneficial for India because money would be payed to company as and when they delivered jets. If there would have been no delivery, or due to any other problem France government would stand responsible and this would have favored India. However, there is no inclusion of bank guarantee in the NDA rule.

Now, there will be nothing left with India if any problem arises. That’s why this deal is not in favour of nation. But media has missed out this part of the report. Was it done on purpose?


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