A month has passed, yet 15 miners are battling for their lives in Meghalaya. They are trapped inside an ‘illegal rat-hole’ coal mine, which is around 370 feet deep. Here the term “illegal mine” is not so important at the moment, instead the word “trapped” is way more important.

While Meghalaya government said that rescue operations may be called off because there are no signs of the miners, the Supreme Court asked them to carry on with it. After all, there is an ample amount of technology in India to build huge statues and bridges. Then why can’t some people be rescued from beneath the surface?

Adding to that, here is an example which shows that if there are enough efforts, then people can be rescued despite adverse circumstances. A junior football team got trapped in Tham Luang cave in Thailand last year. The operation went on for 18 days and there was one fatality. However, the difference is that not only the government supported the operation, it also made all possible efforts to rescue the boys.

In the case of Meghalaya, the government has shown little interest and even central government took a while before sending machines to pump out water from the mine.

Now, the question is why there is a lack of coverage on this issue by the media? Is this news not as interesting as any ‘Mandir-Masjid’ debate?

Why is the same government failing to put all efforts to save their lives when it claims to have upgraded technologies to build statues and bridges? Is New India incapable of rescuing miners, but has required technology for bullet trains?


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