Allegations on MJ Akbar by Pallavi Gogoi have taken a new turn. Akbar and his wife have refuted the rape charges put up by Pallavi Gogoi in The Washington Post’s article on him. They have said that relationship between Pallavi and Akbar was ‘consensual’.

Pallavi Gogoi works as Chief Business Editor for NPRShe is a U.S. citizen.Today, her story has been published by The Washington Post. It includes allegations of how MJ Akbar had sexually abused her as a senior in Asian Age.

Earlier, MJ Akbar had stepped down as MoS for External Affairs due to several charges of sexual misconduct. He is still MP in Rajya Sabha. He had been accused of sexual harassment by other females who used to work with him.

Now, MJ Akbar’s wife is defending him saying that he and Pallavi were in ‘consensual’ relationship. She said that Pallavi Gogoi and MJ Akbar were quite close and that caused her discomfort. She shunned away the rape accusations levelled against her husband.

Pallavi Gogoi has alleged that Akbar had torn her clothes and raped her in a hotel room. She alleged that MJ Akbar even ‘physically abused’ her for talking to other male colleagues. However, her wife has come out in open to say that there was consensual relation between two.

This is not the first time that MJ Akbar has been caught in #MeToo controversy. He has been alleged by other female colleagues also of sexual harassment at workplace.


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