A new revelation has come up in relation with Rafale deal from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) chairman. HAL chairman R. Madhavan said, “We were not aware of the earlier deal being scrapped. We do not want to comment on Rafale as we are no longer a part of the deal.”

This statement by Madhavan is a big expose in Rafale case. Earlier, there have been allegations that Rafale deal was directly given to Reliance without considering other companies.

HAL chairman told IANS, “Rafale was one of the projects that we were into and not the only project. HAL makes helicopters, engines etc”. This implies that the Rafale deal was initially done with HAL which was later transferred to Reliance.

Actually, Rafale deal was to be done when Congress was in power. Then Congress government had done deal of 125 Rafale fighter aircraft. The deal didn’t took place. However, it proceeded under Modi government but new deal was only for 36 Rafale aircrafts.

‘Bankrupt’ Reliance company earns Rs 284 crore profit after Dassault investment; Rafale deal proves to be a boon

The expose by HAL chairman is not a new thing. A series of allegations have already been levelled against Ambani, Dassault and PM Modi in relation with Rafale deal. Recently, it was reported that Dassault company had helped Reliance in gaining a land. This Reliance company was in losses which earned Rs 284 crore profit after Rafale deal. Dassault later claimed that this very land made them chose Reliance as their partner in Rafale deal.

In midst of all the allegations, the statement by HAL chairman has increased the suspicion in the deal. It is to note that HAL is Indian state-owned aerospace and defense company. Despite that Reliance gets the deal with Dassualt without much hinderance.

Has Modi government helped Reliance is getting such a big deal easily? Did HAL suffered due to politics involved in the deal?


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