PM Modi has caused loss of thousands of crore rupees to India. This has been substantiated by Defence Ministry report. This has raised questions on PM Modi in relation to controversial Rafale deal.

According to ‘The Hindu’, a committee of Defence ministry had said in its report in November 2015 that India’s PMO is interfering in the Rafale deal and is directly involved in deal negotiations. On the other hand, his special defence committee is involved in this case from France.

It has been told in the report that PMO is not allowed to intervene in this matter. Also, they are not specialist in this. It was already mentioned in the report that there can be some intervention by India due to which it will fail to get bank guarantee. This will lead the country to face huge loss in the future.

The same thing happened. Government itself told in the documents filed in SC that no bank guarantee has been given to India by France in this deal. The committee which gave this report has been formed for Rafale deal only. Its president was deputy chief of Air Force.

It was about sovereign guarantees and general terms and conditions: G Mohan Kumar, former Defence Secretary told ANI.

However, ANI has released the full letter which was half published by The Hindu.


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