Priyanka Chopra is the UNICEF goodwill ambassador and has remained in controversy several times for that. This time, she is being criticized for her tweet on IAF air strike in Pakistan. She tweeted ‘Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces’.

An online petition has started to remove her the UNICEF goodwill ambassador for being pro-violence. People said that it is expected from her to remain at least neutral on such issues.

There was an attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama due to which around 40 personnel were martyred. Later, the Indian Air Force went on to do air strike by going inside the territory of Pakistan. It is to note that under Article 2(4) of the UN charter, countries cannot attack other countries, their territorial integrity cannot be overlooked.

A country can only attack in self-defence, and the air strikes were not self-defence but revenge. Also, sending F16 inside Indian territory by Pakistan is also against international norms.

So, Priyanka Chopra is being criticized for standing pro-attack which is obviously against international law. Earlier, she was in controversy for her visit to Rohingya camps in Bangladesh while the Indian government was trying to remove them from Indian soil. At that time, she was celebrated for her ‘peace and humanitarian move’. On the other hand, now she is being trolled for her anti-peace stand. What made her change? Is nationalism sentiment so high that it goes against legality and logic?


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