There has been doubts on EVM’s authenticity that has been lingering around the  elections for quite a time. Opposition has been saying that EVMs are either not working properly and the results are wrong. Well, that used to happen in the elections prior to today.

The result trends show that and important opposition party, Congress, is leading its way in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. BJP is not even leading in Telangana and Mirzoram where Congress doesn’t seem to lead its way. 

So, the result before election results is that there are missing stories targetting authenticity of EVMs. It is to note that there were reports of mishandling of EVMs during the voting in these states. 

In Rajasthan, it was alleged that EVMs were found to be tampered during 7th December election. Due to this, even elections had been delayed that day. It was in Jaipur and Bikaner that EVMs were not working. 

Now, Congress is leading in the same Rajasthan and news on the EVM problems are missing. Will opposition stop questioning on EVM due to probable victory in some states? 


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