Modi government has to bear the questions of opposition on Rafale deal. Today, again Rahul Gandhi raised questions on the deal in Lok Sabha.

He said that PM Narendra Modi has not answered fundamental questions on the Rafale deal. He even proposed to present a tape which had the audio clip of Goa Health Minister.

This was earlier released by Congress leaders Randeep Surjewala. However, Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan can be seen stopping Rahul from either playing tape or reading the document. She was clearly defending BJP in the lower house.

Actually, an audio tape was leaked in which Goa’s BJP minister can be heard saying that Manohar Parrikar no one can do anything because all the files related to Rafale Deal is present with him. They are in his bedroom.

Now several questions arise: What secrets are there in the files that are with Parrikar?

Why was Sumitra Mahajan trying to stop Rahul from playing the tape? What is BJP hiding from the public about this deal?


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