It is a sad time for our country when a girl is burnt on the road and she dies. This is not the only case. Another girl has been murdered in Uttar Pradesh named Goldy. She had recently passed UP Police test.

Sanjali was already waiting for justice, and another girl has been murdered. Goldy Yadav was from Unnao. She was found murdered in a farm on Monday. There were marks of knife on her neck..

20 years old Goldy had cleared police entrance test and was preparing for medical test. The investigation is under way. According to relatives, Goldy went to the farm at 8 am like she did every other day.

She didn’t return for 2 hours, after which they started searching for her. Her dead body was found 500 meters away from the farm. This happened in an area which is claimed to be crime-free by the chief minister.

Goldy was murdered in Unnao, Sanjali was burnt in a village near Agra, murder of real-states in Ayodhya and there are many other cases where women security was kept at stake.

It has become a common sight that girls are being raped, murdered and burnt in Uttar Pradesh under Yogi Adityanath government. Still, he is more busy with his ‘cow-politics’ and ‘Ram-Mandir’.

Instead of visiting her relatives or at least speaking something about it, he is tweeting about ‘Ram-Mandir’. Is this the way Uttar Pradesh is going to get developed?


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