Arvind Kejriwal has been attacked in public. Mirch powder was thrown at him, his specs also broke due to the attack. Kejriwal was going to his home from his chamber. The attacker came close to CM on the pretext of talking to him. Attacker has been arrested.

Ashutosh has condemned the attack by calling it cowardly and dangerous. He has even asked Delhi police to answer for the lack of security.

Congress has alleged that Modi government is responsible for the attack during press conference. AAP has even linked Signature bridge with the attack. AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said that attacker is associated with BJP. He also condemned that the attack took place at High Security Zone.

He said this is not the first time that CM has been attacked. During Dussera, a person went inside Arvind Kejriwal’s house and tried to attack him there. Saurabh said that issue is clear, BJP is trying to suppress AAP.

It is dangerous in a democracy how CM of the capital is repeatedly attacked and yet little action is taken against the accused. It is not only dangerous but against the spirit of democracy as well.


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