BJP leader Ram Madhav has taken his statement back in which he claimed that PDP and NC have Pakistan connections. Omar Abdullah had asked him to prove the cross-border connections of his party. After this, Ram Madhav has taken back his statement.

Ram Madhav said- Just landed at Aizawl and saw this. Now that you deny any external pressure, I take back my comment. But, now that you proved it was genuine love between NC and PDP that prompted a failed government formation attempt; you should fight next elections together. Mind you its political comment, not personal.

Actually, BJP leader Ram Madhav had given a statement while talking to ANI journalist on cross-border connections of PDP-NC.

Jammu and Kashmir ex-CM Omar Abdullah had challenged Ram Madhav to prove his claims. He said that BJP has RAW, NIA and IB at their command. So he asked Ram Madhav to either prove the claims or apologise.

Actually, Jammu and Kashmir assembly has been dissolved yesterday night. This happened after Mehbooba Mufti claimed to form government in the state along with NC and Congress. Governor dissolved assembly saying that this will lead to formation of an unstable government.


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