Let’s accept the truth.

We don’t have any common legacy. We tend to hate and fight with each other on the basis of religion, caste, language, color etc. We just live in same geographical area by chance.

Whatever be our thousand years of history, there is nothing worth sharing and being proud in it.

This wasn’t the map of Indian during any period of history. There was no time in history when Kanyakumari, Manipur, Gujarat and Kashmir were under same rule.

India is a new country. That is the reason why Constitution makers had called India as a nation in making.

India is a Nation in the making…These are the words of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. He said that how can people belong to same nation when they fight with each other on the basis of their birth. He termed economic and social inequality as anti-national.

Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Christians were never brothers. They have to become brothers and sisters.

There was no ‘Vashdhaiva Kutumbakam’ in India. This is a false slogan. Everyone has to become Kutumbakam, that means one family.

There was no common heritage. Here, majority of people were not even considered humans. Three fourth population didn’t had any right to study. People used to bath if they got touched by (certain) people belonging to one-fourth of the population.

Then where is the common heritage?

What is the common heritage between a dalit and a Brahaman? What can a Dalit be proud of in history?

What do women have in history to be proud of?

What do Shudras, farmers and artisan castes have written in history which they can be proud of?

Those who are nationalist, should work for a project to make India one.They should work to make India a great nation.


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