BJP is usually called as a party of ‘upper castes’. Its latest move confirms these speculations. Actually, 10 percent reservation for economically weak ‘upper caste’ sections has been approved by the Union Cabinet.

This is being considered as a big move prior to 2019 elections. However, this is somewhat against the main aim of reservation which aims to help those who were ‘left behind’ because of their ‘caste’.

It is to note that according to article 15 and 16 of Constitution, the reservation is there for socially and educationally backward castes. Till now 15 percent reservation is for SC, 7.5 percent for ST and 27 for OBC.

In total, Supreme Court had set the reservation limit to be 50%. Already 49.5% seats are reserved. Thus, BJP will need to amend the constitution to get this 10% reservation for so called upper castes legalized.

The so called upper castes have not been discriminated and they are not poor because of their caste. So, a reservation policy aimed to help upper caste who are economically poor cannot be logically explained.

Of course, it is there to please ‘upper castes’ as well as RSS prior to 2019 elections. RSS has been pressing for this reservation for quite a time.


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