By Tanya Yadav

The Rafale deal has become one of the most debated political topics. It has been in news as opposition parties, especially Congress, are constantly questioning the Modi government over it. Yesterday, apex court gave a judgement in the same and it soon became a new topic of debate. 

Actually, Supreme Court gave clean chit to Modi government in Rafale case. It said that there is no need to give any direction for investigation in the case. 

This is the same case kept on coming in the news due to statements given by many influential people like ex-France President, CEO of Dassault, Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Bhushan etc. 

On one hand Supreme Court says that document on price of deal given by government to it is okay, on the other hand people are calling it a ‘scam’. Leaving aside what is stand of different people, here is an analysis of  new row over CAG report after the verdict came out. 

Verdict and its Soundness?

PIL in the Rafale case was filed by lawyer ML Sharma. Others also filed PIL in the case including Prashant Bhushan. However, it wasn’t entertained as such. Supreme Court imposed fine of Rs 50,000 on him for filing ‘frivolous’ PIL. His petition was on deal of 36 Rafale which, according to him, was a result of corruption. 

Supreme Court said that it will only look into if proper process has been followed in the deal. According to petitioners, governement didn’t followed process. Instead it unilaterally annonced in 2016 that the deal will be of 36 jets. Also, the deal was transferred from HAL to a Reliance company. 

CAG Report and its delayment!

Opposition is unhappy with SC verdict, so there is a heated debate on CAG report. CAG report on this deal was supposed to come during monsoon session. Still, it was said that the report will come before winter session due to seriousness of case.

Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said that government was ‘misleading’ Supreme Court. He asked about when will CAG report be tabled in parliament. Also, he heads PAC which is Public Accounts Committee. He also said that CAG hasn’t discussed PAC report. According to sources, CAG report will come till January. 

Government refraining from formation of JPC!

AAP leader Sanjay Singh said, “Truth won’t come in front of nation’s people on Rafale case untill and unless JPC is not formed.”

JPC is joint parliamentary committee. It is a committee which includes say if members from different parties of the parliament. Opposition is demanding formation of JPC in the case. However, gpvernment is not willing for that. It is open for discussion in both houses, but not for JPC. Afterall, other parties will also be involved in looking after the case then. 

Thus, there are many things which raise serious questions on the verdict and the case. The SC’s level of ‘dedication’ towards case, delay in CAG report and government’s stand on not forming JPC is questionable. 


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