BJP is a party with maximum number of politicians having corruption and criminal charges against them. This has been given in the recently released ADR (Association for Democratic Reforms) report. ADR is an NGO which works in the field of political and electoral reforms.

This report talks about the property of 521 MPs who had contested the 2014 elections. It includes leaders from BJP, Congress and several other regional parties. The average assets of these MPs in the year 2009 was Rs 5.50 crore. Which rose more than doubled to 14.72 crore in 2014. Of the 521 elected MPs, 83% are have assets amounting to crores. That means from out of 521, 430 MPs have become ‘crorepatis’.

There is a criminal case registered against 33% of these Member of Parliaments. According to the report, BJP is at the forefront with 227 MPs in the category of politicians who have worth in crores. On the other hand Congress has 37 and AIADMK has 29 MPs in this category.

According to the report, 32 sitting MPs have asset more than Rs 50 crore. Also, there are MPs whose asset have been declared to be less than Rs 5 lakhs. Around 33% current MPs have criminal cases declared against them. 106 members have cases of murder, incitement of communal fights, kidnapping and other cases registered against them.

Ten MPs have murder cases declared against them. This list has names of 4 BJP MPs and one each from Congress, RJD, NCP and LJP.

There is case of attempt to murder registered against 14 Member of Parliaments. This includes 8 from BJP while one each from Congress, AITC, NCP, RJD, Shiv Sena and Swabhimani Paksha.

Now, the question is why is our law so weak that people with these serious cases against them are able to sit in the parliament. And why does public elect these people to such high post in elections? Will such people be elected again in upcoming elections, or get rejected by public?


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