Supreme Court has said that an inquiry must be completed against CBI director Alok Verma within two weeks. Alok Verma had appealed to SC after he was sent on forced leave which he termed as ‘illegal’.

SC has asked the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to complete inquiry into corruption charges against Verma within 2 weeks. SC will look into the case after 12th November.

The direction was given by 3-member bench, which was headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi. Retired SC judge A.K. Patnaik will oversee the CVC inquiry. The top court has also restricted interim CBI director M Nageswara Rao from taking any policy decisions.

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Actually, Alok Verma was sent on leave on Wednesday. All this happened overnight. He filed a petition in Supreme Court against the same. Now, he is restricted from accessing his office since full verdict comes out.

Despite the SC’s directions for quick inquiry by CVC, there are other issues involved in the case. Alok Verma was handling 7 sensitive cases while he was CBI director. He also had files on the Rafale deal case.

Rafale case has been making headlines for long. It also has links with the Modi government as the deal happened under their tenure.

Supreme Court’s decision to start inquiry against Alok Verma will indirectly affect the Rafale deal case. Nageswara Rao is currently handling all the cases which were under Alok Verma. However, SC has restricted him from taking any policy decisions.

Alok Verma had also started investigation into Rakesh Asthana’s alleged corruption and bribery cases. Since then, there has been a visible rift within CBI. Rakesh Asthana also claimed that Alok Verma was involved in corruption. Both of them were sent on leave on Wednesday.

The Rafale row is in someway linked to leave of CBI director Alok Verma. The case and inquiry against him will surely affect the proceeding of the Rafale case.


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