Parliament has been adjourned following protests on various issues like Rafale deal and Cauvery dispute. The Lok Sabha has resumed at 2 pm while Rajya Sabha has been adjourned for the day.

In the midst of all these protests, there is another protest, which is happening outside Parliament. TDP leaders can be seen protesting so that Andhra Pradesh should be given special status.

India Today reported that TDP MP N Sivaprasad was wearing headgear of Ravanasura with PM Modi photos to mark his protest.

Prior to this Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu attacked PM Modi for planning to visit the state in January next year. He is questioning Narendra Modi’s plan and said that if PM doesn’t care about the state then why is he visiting it. He even asked people of the state to oppose his visit.

TDP had quit alliance with BJP this year because Andhra Pradesh was not being granted the special status. They are putting forth their demand for special status to get some benefit which is granted to such states. Its capital Hyderabad was given to Telangana. So, they are demanding this special status tag to get extra investment that such a state enjoys.


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