PM Modi along with many other leaders complain that a section of media criticizes them. They say that media often ignores the achievements of the government. Now, the question is what is the requirement to do that? When BJP is already spending thousands of crores of rupees of advertisements, then there is no requirement of extra praise from media.

Google has released its Indian Transparency Report, according to which BJP is a party which has taken lead in spending on ads in comparison to other parties. Google has reported that in the list of political organizations in India, BJP alone has a share of 33% on the amount spend on Google for ads.

According to Google’s Indian Transparency Report, the BJP has spent about Rs 1.25 crore on advertising on Google since February 19th. In this report Google has reported about who has added the most to the internet giant and how much parties have spent on it.

Congress not even in Top 5

Google says that the aim of giving this report is to make political publicity more transparent. Google says in this report, people should be aware of the publicity campaign run by parties, candidates and current MPs in Lok Sabha elections. BJP has given the maximum number of 554 advertisements, whereas in the case of campaigning on Google, Congress is far behind regional parties.

BJP has spent a total of 1 crore 21 lakh 48 thousand on 600 advertisements; on the platforms like Youtube connected to Google. At the same time, talking about Congress, the party has spent only 54 thousand rupees. There are two major regional parties in Andhra Pradesh who are leading in the list. They include TDP and YSR Congress of Chandrababu Naidu.

Chandrababu Naidu has spent Rs 1 crore 48 lakh 69 thousand 100 by advertising through two different sources.

Naidu has spent Rs 85.25 lakhs through another firm, namely Pramanya Strategy Consulting, Rs 63.43 lakhs and through Digitant Consulting. Mohan Reddy’s party YSR Congress is second in the list of granting ad on Google. YSR Congress has spent Rs 1 crore 43 lakhs on Google.

BJP has been number 1 in terms of giving ads on TV

Earlier, BJP had topped the list of giving advertisements on TV. BJP was at the top of the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) figures in November last year.

BJP was the only political party in the top-10 list of broadcasting. In that the BJP had gone ahead of company of soaps, oils, tobacco and even so-called fairness cream in terms of advertisements on TV channels. The BJP’s name was top in the top 10 products that were propagated through TV.

Source- The Quint, Business Standard


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