‘Chowkidar’ has become a new trend in BJP which everyone is sporting on their twitter handles. Prime Minister and other BJP leaders are calling them ‘Chowkidar’ even when the real chowkidars of India are suffering from harsh conditions while doing their jobs.

20 watchmen under Jharkhand Rajya Dafadar Chowkidar Panchayat went on to protest against government on 19th March. They were showing their unhappiness over not getting salary. They observed silent protest in Ranchi police station. There are allegations that around 10,000 chowkidars have not received their salary for 4 months.

Rahul Gandhi said, “You should have thought about at least those under whose  disguise you are hiding.”

It is to note that currently Bharatiya Janata Party’s Raghubar Das is chief minister of Jharkhand since December 2014. So, there are questions on why are chowkidars not getting their salary in a state ruled by such a party which is using their name for contesting for general elections.

It is clear that BJP is using Chowkidar term as their election campaign to suggest that they can protect people from ‘intruders’. The party want to project that they can give safety to the nation. However, there were some big terror attacks under the present government like Uri, Pathankot and Pulwama. So, when will BJP start talking about real issues and leave aside the false promises? Is ‘chowkidar’ term enough to ensure safety and prosperity of the nation?


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