1984 riots are back in news since Congress declared that Kamal Nath will be chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. It was alleged that he had links in the case. Now, Congress leader Sajjan Kumar has been proved guilty by Delhi High Court in relation to same 1984 riots case. 

Sajjan Kumar has been punished with life imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 5 lakh. He has been asked to surrender till 31 December. Besides Sajjan; Captain Bhagmal, former councilor Balwan Yadav and Girdhari Lal have also been punished with life imprisonment. 

Today is the day of justice for those who lost their loved ones in riots. However, they had to wait for 34 long years to get it. 

‘There was mass killings during 1947 partition, after 37 years of that event Delhi witnessed such an incident.’ said Delhi Highcourt

It also said that the accused took advantage of political shieldings, and keep on running away from the cases.


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