Dear PM Narendra Modi,

We know that Bogibeel Bridge is more than just a bridge for you, it’s an opportunity. It is a good way to promote your government and criticize your so called rival party Congress.

All that politics is going on around this bridge in which you are also ‘happily engaged’. Congress party and HD Deve Gowda have also come out to say that this bridge is not only your contribution by saying that he sanctioned the projects.

But, lets keep first things first. There are various other issues that require your attention. Even Rahul Gandhi is questioning you for your priorities. He is the same Rahul Gandhi who has been trolled by your party members and followers as ‘Pappu’. Still, this tweet makes more sense in which he points out about 15 miners struggling for air in Meghalaya. According to him, they need more attention than a bridge whose promotions are not coming to an end.

I don’t know if you are aware about those 15 miners who are trapped since December 13 in a flooded mine in Meghalaya. They need power pumps for their rescue. We have known enough about that bridge. Now, it’s time that you also pay a little bit attention to these issues.

You were saying ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ every now and then. Now, you are not interested in issues related to ‘Betis of your nation’. It’s not only those miners who need your attention. But, those girls also need your help for whom you gave this slogan. Sanjali was set ablaze in mid of the road in a village near Agra. But you didn’t care. Goldy was found murdered in Unnao, but you were busy with other things.

Even your party leader and CM of most populous state Yogi Adityanath has remained mum on the issue. He was seen more engaged in paving way for ‘Vikaas’ through bringing up Ram-Mandir issue.

Sanjali was not the first case where a girl was burnt this year. A Dalit girl was burnt in Rajasthan in October because she wanted to study. A 16-year-old girl was burnt in UP because she tried to resist rape.

The list is endless, but your answers are nowhere to be found. Now, you have to decide which issues need your urgent attention. After all, your choices are going to decide you and your party’s future.

I know that you must be busy for Lok Sabha elections, but only communal politics won’t help. People want your attention now. They need your help now.

- Tanya Yadav


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