Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised ensure that India remains safe for its citizens. Unfortunately, he has failed to ensure a safe environment for the journalists of the nation. This is because India stands at 140th rank out of 180 on ‘Global Press Freedom Index’ in 2019. It has slipped down two positions since last year.

‘Reporters Without Borders’ is an international border which has released its report on the press freedom through out the globe. This organization published its survey on freedom of press on 18th April. In this report, India got 138 rank in the year 2018 and has got 140 rank this year. It is to note that the condition of journalists in India was neither good last year nor this year. On one hand India wants to become world leader, and on the other hand it is better off than just 40 nations in the list of Press freedom.

Norway stands first in this list. Russia is on 149th rank and Pakistan is on 142nd rank after slipping down 3 positions.

Indian press has no freedom under Modi rule

The safety of journalists is a big issue along with their freedom in India. In the year 2018, 6 journalists were killed due to the job they do. As a result, India has got 140th rank in the report of Press Freedom. According to the report, Asia-Pacific region is also dealing with the issue of false information and India comes under this region only.

It has been mentioned in the report that if any journalists talks about the issues related to ‘Hindutva’ then they are trolled on social media. People even run hate campaigns against them.

Prime Minister Modi himself does not do any press conferences, he also gives interviews to only those media houses who praises them. He gives interviews to Times Now and Zee News. When PM doesn’t give the media freedom to ask questions to him, then how can he ensure the freedom of press in general?

Freedom of Press under Threat

In the year 2016, India got 133rd rank in the report of ‘Reporters Without Borders’. India got 136th rank in 2017 and secured 138th rank in the year 2018. Now, this year also its rank has fallen and this time it has got 140th rank. This means that the level and quality of Indian journalism is constantly falling.

It is mentioned on the website of this organization that when on 2nd February some journalists went in Raipur to cover internal meeting of BJP, then they were violently attacked the party people.

There are many other instances and statistics which point out that the freedom of Indian journalists is under threat in the present times. However, there are still many portals and media organizations where journalists take risk to do stories which do not fall under the category of ‘Propaganda Journalism. They dare to ask questions.


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