Congress Party has to announce next Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi will decide the next CM. It is likely that Kamal Nath will be the name. According to media reports, Kamal Nath’s name was itself proposed by Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia. It has denied all the doubts that there will a tussle between Kamal and Scindia over the post. 

Kamal Nath is former minister of Urban Development. He has been elected 9 times from the constituency. He has also served as general secretary from 2001–2004.

Indian National Congress has won 114 seats in the state out of 230. There is a requirement of 116 seats in total to make government in the state. BSP and SP leaders have already said that they will give support to the Congress Party. Both parties had got 2 and 1 seats respectively in the state. This means their tally will total down to 117 crossing the number required to make government. 

If Congress choses Kamal Nath as next CM of Madhya Pradesh then he will head the state with support of BSP and SP. 


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