BSP and SP national presidents did a joint press conference which has far-reaching consequences. This will surely affect the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

This is because both these parties will fight this election in alliance and will give a challenge to BJP and Congress in UP. There are 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh which are fought in Lok Sabha elections. Here are key points raised in their press conference by Mayawati:-

  • Mayawati started her speech by saying that this conference is very important which will ‘take away sleep’ of Modi-Shah duo.
  • She even pointed out about 1993 alliance of SP-BSP in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections and won it by defeating BJP. She called BJP as casteist and communal party.
  • She hinted that the alliance of their parties was unable to go long way due to some issues. Later on, she openly said that it was ‘Lucknow Guest House Scandal’ and she has ignored it to defeat BJP.
  • BSP and SP will fight the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in together. In Uttar Pradesh, BSP and SP will both fight on 38-38 seats each. They have left 2 seats for Congress which is Amethi and Raebareli. Remaining seats are for other parties of the state.
  • Mayawati also said that BJP showed its communal colour openly in 1990 in Ayodhya. She pointed out the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir issue.
  • Their alliance represent a large population which comprises poor, labourers, farmers, small businessmen, women, Dalits, Muslims, unemployed, SC, ST and others.
  • Our alliance has already defeated these ‘communal and casteist’ parties in the by-elections.
  • Demonetization and GST were wrong decisions of BJP government. Due to their decisions we have even kept aside the ‘Guest House Scandal’ for public interest.

After the press conference of both parties there was even a question and answer round. One question was missing and presidents of both parties also failed to answer it. The question was about their stand on reservation of ‘economically weak upper castes’ who don’t seem to be poor due to the parameters listed by BJP government.

The alliance of both parties was in news for past few days and will surely define the future course of Indian politics.


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