Naxals have given a breaking news related to naxal attack Bihar and Aurangabad this Saturday. According to police, a letter has been found in Dev of Aurangabad district which was left by Naxalites.

It is written in the letter that after Demonetization the Naxals had given Rs 5 crore to BJP MLC Rajan Kumar Singh. They did this so that the notes can be exchanged for new notes.

The BJP leader did not return their money. Apart from this, 2 crore rupees were separately levied from them. That was also with BJP leader Rajan Singh. He did not return them due which Naxalites attacked.

Its obvious that Naxals won’t give Rs 5 crore to BJP leader without any prior links! However, BJP leader is saying that a plot was set against them in form of this attack.

It is written in letter of Maoists that the land of Maoists and their relatives has been confiscated by BJP leaders and contractors. The attack was a retaliation of that. And such actions will be taken in future as well.

Attack happened on Saturday-

Naxalites attacked in Dev of Aurangabad district. The relative of BJP leader also died in the attack. More than a dozen vehicles were also set on fire.


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