After the assasination of Indira Gandhi, there were a anti-sikh riots that happened in 1984 where Sikhs were killed in large numbers. Today, Sajjan Kumar has surrendered as he was found guilty in relation to the same riots.

He has surrendered in a Delhi Court and will be kept in Mandoli jail in east Delhi. He was found guilty on 17th December in relation to a case of killing of 5 family members of Sikh family in the riots and setting a Gurudwara on fire.

Sajjan Kumar was Lok Sabha MP and he resigned from Congress on 18th December after him being found guilty.

The anti-Sikh riots of 1984 broke out after then PM Indira Gandhi was assasinated by her Sikh bodygaurds. This happened on 31 October, 1984. After this certain mobs started attacking Sikh people and this riot claimed lives of around 3 thousand Sikhs.


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