National Green Tribunal (NGT) has given a verdict which has let down hopes and struggles of many in Tamil Nadu. NGT has ordered that Vedanta’s Sterlite Copper smelting plant in the state should be reopened. This verdict is against the order of Tamil Nadu government to close the plant. 

NGT has set up some rules and regulations for Vedanta plant before it reopens in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin. It has asked Vedanta company to spend Rs 100 crore within span of 3 years for welfare of people belonging to that area. 

It has asked TN Pollution Control Board to issue fresh order of renewal of consent for the plant. This direction of National Green Tribunal is in contradiction of what enviornmental analysts and inhabitants of the place wanted. 

This year, around 13 people were killed and many injured in a police firirng who were protesting against the Vedanta’s copper smelting plant. They were protesting against a plant whose license was rejected by TN Pollution Control Board for harming the enviornment. People also complaint about ill-effects of the plant on their health. 

According to Economic Times report in May 2018, the protests against Vedanta plants are nothing new. Orissa people protested against Vedanta project. In 2010, Vedanta faced protests over same issue in London. This company made people unhappy in other parts of the world like that in  Zambia in 2017 

The verdict of NGT on reopening of plant seems to be ‘anti-enviornment’. It is also against will of people who claim that this plant has proven to be detrimental to their health. 


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