After all the specultaions, it is finally out that Congress has chosen Kamal Nath as Madhya Pradesh’s next CM. 

Kamal Nath, 72 years, has been MP from Chhindwara for 9 times. He has been loyal of Congress for decades and a good friend of Sanjay Gandhi. Indira Gandhi also used to call him as her third son. 

In spite of simplicity in life and behaviour, Kamal Nath’s image is tarnished with 1984 anti-sikh riots. There was instability in nation after Indira Gandhi’s death. After this, there was a large scale killings of Sikhs in which Indira’s third son was also allegedly involved. 

During 1984, a mob was there at Gurudwara Rakabganj which was admant to murder Sikhs in the name of taking revenge of Indira’s death. Two sikhs were burned down by that mob and Kamal Nath was allegedly present at the scene. 

Kamal Nath he never denied to be present at the scene. According to him, he was present there because he was sent by party. He says that he was pleading mob to not target Sikhs, police had asked him to convince mob.

Kamal Nath further says that, he came clean in SIT investigation on anti-sikh riots as well as in Ranganath Misra Commissioned Inquiry. He is ready if investigation happens again. 

Even though Kamal Nath was not involved in riots like Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar, why has he been made Madhya Pradesh CM despite such grave charges?

Now how will Congress target BJP for making people like Yogi Adityanath as cheif minister of a state? 

Narendra Modi was also charged with alleged involvement in 2002 Gujarat riots, but he was also acquitted like Kamal Nath. Still, Modi is questioned for it. 

This has started a new debate on social media. BJP supporters are targeting Kamal Nath for 1984 riots and Congress supporters are targeting them for 2002 riots. 

Alka Lamba has also took part in this debate by tweeting this: 


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