Prime Minister Modi had a meeting with big shots from the Bollywood industry in Maharashtra. They gathered to discuss issues in the Indian film and entertainment industry, but all that happened in the absence of women.

Actually, Narendra Modi was on Maharashtra visit. He was called for a meeting with a delegation of actors and producers of film and entertainment industry. They met him at Raj Bhavan in Maharashtra. The meeting was aimed to discuss problems faced by the industry, especially high GST rates.

There had been numerous protests last year at 28% of GST slab was introduced to the industry. Kannada industry had also decided to stall film-making and sought for lower tax for the entertainment industry.

Producers like Karan Johar and Sidharth Roy Kapur were present in the meeting. Even actors like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan were present there. However, women were missing at the meeting and this has invited criticism from them.

Surbhi Gupta, Indian Express correspondent, tweeted that no one cared to include even women in the delegation. She pointed that this has happened after there was a #MeTooIndia movement in which many women alleged big names from the entertainment industry (as well) of sexual harassment.

Ruchi Gupta tweeted that even in an industry which actually has enough women, no women in this delegation. 

After all, women mostly play the roles of hero’s “love-interest” in the industry. This seems as if women not only find it difficult to make it as the protagonist of the films, they even miss coming to a meeting targeted at their industry’s problems. Even political sphere doesn’t seem to be a happy space for women as they are missing their say over here. 


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