The silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on setting ablaze of a girl in a village near Agra is scary. It is scary for a democracy which fears for its girls. It is scary in a nation where ‘head of state’ chooses to be silent on burning down of a girl going from school to home.

He can tweet on various other issues like Tsunami in Indonesia, but he doesn’t have time for a girl burnt down in his own nation. And this is the same person whose government came in power with slogans like “Bahut hua naari par vaar, abki baar modi sarkaar’.

He surely has time to tweet about a nation which is more than 8 thousand kilometers away from India. It is good that he has concerns for the tsunami that killed hundreds in Indonesia. It is also plausible that he tweeted about assisting the nation.

But, he doesn’t have time to listen to a mother who is crying for her 15-year-old daughter. Though, his party leaders went to meet the family members, but he doesn’t have time to write even a single tweet on the case. He cannot assure other girls of Agra who are so traumatized that they are not going to school after the incident.t.

Will our prime minister take out some time and give his much required attention to the incident? Does he remember about his promises of women’s safety before coming to power anymore?


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