The news about air pollution from Delhi has become common now. Delhi government called a meeting to discuss the high level of air pollution in the city. This happened after there were reports of small levels of improvements in air quality.

Delhi Environment minister Imran Hussain said that the meeting was called to discuss air pollution in the city. The meeting was called to solve the issue of increased AQI levels. All departments were called and asked to take important steps to reduce pollution.

He further added that water sprinkling from high rise buildings, stopping buses in Delhi who are running without permit and other directions are given.

Imran said that they can take other measures like again implementing odd-even rule if it is needed.

Firefighters have been ordered to sprinkle water from high rise buildings so that dust can be settled. According to Delhi government the construction activity has been banned in the state.

The air quality of the state was worst on 23 December which improved a little on 26 December. However, conditions again deteriorated on 27 December. The PM 2.5 level on this day was 13 times beyond the safe level declared by WHO..

But, the situation is not so simple as are the steps taken by the Delhi government. Adding to the problem, Delhi faces a problem because of industries set up in states surrounding it. That is the reason why people in the national capital are breathing pollution every day, which is causing them serious problems like Asthma and problems in eyesight.


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