Below is the translated version of Ravish Kumar’s blog on removal of Punya Prasun Bajpai from Surya Samachar

Punya Prasoon Vajpayee has been fired again from his job. After all who is after Punya so badly? Who is  the person who is after him with all his strenght? Every other day we keep on hearing that the editor was summoned in the court and threatened. The owner was warned. Now what will a journalist do in such a situation? Your silence will discourage those people who are speaking. In the end you are the one who is disadvantaged. You’ve learned to be silent. You’ve learned to die

Remember, when you need a journalist, the reason for not having him pr her will be your silence. There are different moods of journalists, then the problems continue to be heard. They keep on reaching to the government and society. Removing a journalist is very embarrassing and dangerous in this regard. The people removing Prasun have sent a message to you. Now it depends on you that you stay silent. Let the India become faint-heart-ed or raise your voice. Is it really difficult to say anything because of which everything  gets on stake. 

Now the same will sustain which is the ‘Godi media’. The Godi media will prosper. Its prosperity means your end. That’s why it was said to remove the news channels from your homes. They have been occupied with power. How can you give up your hard earned money for the medium that has been enslaved? You could have atleast that much.

The channels you see are comments on you as well. Your silence proves that you have lost too. Nothing will survive when the public gets defeated. If the people can not fight with the power then they can fight with these compartments of the TV. Even, if you do not live, but the practice of fighting will remain. This is the request that  think for once. Why is this happening? What is the price, who is paying and what is the benefit of it, who is getting it. Jai Hind.


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