UP police said that Sanjali was set ablaze by her own cousin Yogesh who is not alive anymore. However, her family is not satisfied with statements of police and are demanding for CBI investigation.

According to Sanjali’s father, police is trying to save someone. They are alleging that police tortured their 2 family members Vijay and Akash to make them confess the crime. They have been arrested by UP Police.

Actually, Sanjali was a 15 year old girl who was set ablaze by bike riders on 18th December. She was going from school to her home. Due to serious injuries she was admitted to Safdarjung hospital where she died.

Before this, the Bolta Hindustan team had done a live coverage of Sanjali’s home yesterday. In the video, family members were seen saying that police is intentionally making villagers accused so that the case can be dismissed.

This incident has raised questions about women’s safety in the state. It has also pointed fingers on UP police and government for lack of security. PM, Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath has also been criticized for being silent on the issue.


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