Parliament is often adjourned due to protests marked by opposition on various bills and issues. However, one bill has failed to catch attention of the opposition. This bill is being opposed by the same community for which it was made.

This is Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill which is itself being opposed by transgender community. Infact, the whole LGBTQIA+ community is against the bill. But, Why so?

Actually, this bill was passed by Lok Sabha on 17th December and this is being called as ‘Black Day’ by transgenders. They say that the bill has various flaws which need to be amended. Various hashtags are being run on social media like #StopTransBill2018 and #EndTransPhobia.

A protest will also be organized tomorrow at Jantar Mantar around 10 am to mark the protest against the bill.

Various organizations like BAPSA are calling for redrafting the bill. Grace Banu is a Transgender activist who asks,
If all this [discrimination] is happening, and the government is not giving us any other solution, then how do we live? How do we sustain our lives and go forward?” 

According to them, the bill has various flaws. It will increase the dis-empowers and criminalizes the community. The bill fails to recognize non-biological families with trans communities like Kothi, Aravani, Hijra etc.

Will opposition and government alike look after needs of Transgender? Or will it sideline the community?


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