Two farmers have died in Maharashtra while they were trying to get sewer water for their crops. They had installed a motor inside a chamber to get sewer water for doing farming. However, when they were trying to enter the chamber to check the motor, they died due to suffocation.

There were four other farmers as well who have been rescued and one is missing. The farmers in Maharashtra are facing such conditions which is making farming difficult. They are forced to use drainage water as a source of water for farming because there are no other sources. Wells are running dry and this is the cheapest possible source.

According to TOI, Janardhan Sable aged 55 had first entered the chamber to check motor. When he didn’t returned then six other farmers went inside the chamber to rescue him. They also faced breathlessness and suffocation inside the chamber due to gas.

The condition of Indian farmers is not good, instead they have to face ample amount of hardships during their lives. There is lack of infrastructure to support farming here. Currently, there is government of BJP in the state since 2014 with Devendra Fadnavis ruling as the Chief Minister.

Last year, farmers had marched in Maharashtra from Nashik to Mumbai demanding loan waivers and implementation of Swaminathan Committee report. It seems that condition of farmers has not improved as they are still battling for basic needs like water.


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