UP Police has revealed that Agra girl Sanjali was burnt by her own cousin Yogesh. According to them, Yogesh had poured petrol on her and burnt her with the help of Vijay and Akash.

According to police, Yogesh had a one-sided love for Sanjali. She didn’t reciprocate love for him. Police has arrested both Vijay and Akash.

Actually, Sanjali was set ablaze in a village near Agra on 18th December by bike-riders. She was even shifted to Safdarjung hospital after the incident where she succumbed to her injuries.

SSP Amit Pathak said, “Sanjali’s cousin Yogesh used to like her. However, Sanjali kept on ignoring him. That’s why Yogesh wanted to treat her a lesson. He chose his relatives so that the incident is not discussed anywhere else. ” The case is under investigation.

Burning down of Sanjali in the mid of a road had scared other girls in the village and they stopped going out. The incident has raised questions about women’s safety in the state. It has also pointed fingers on UP police and government for lack of security.

Police have not yet answered few questions- ‘How was a girl set ablaze in mid of the road?” “Why is safety of girls in the state at stake?”


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