A farmer, Shreyas Abhale,  from Maharashtra has send Rs 6 to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. This amount is what Shreyas had earned from his produce despite spending around Rs 2 lacs on it. 

According to PTI, Shreyas said that after selling 2,657 kg onions at the rate of Rs 1 per kg at a wholesale market, he earned only Rs 6. 

“I earned Rs 2,916 when I brought 2,657 kg of onion to Sangamner wholesale market. After making payment of labour charges and transportation charges at Rs 2,910, I was left with just Rs 6,” Abhale told PTI.

Farmers who have come on streets numerous times to raise their voice against agrarian crisis have devised a new way to register their protest. This time, they are sending the meagre amount money to the government that they earn out of their produce.

Prior to the move taken by Shreyas, another farmer named Sanjay Sathe had sent a money order of Rs 1,064 to Disaster Relief Fund of Prime Minister Office. He had earned this money after selling his 750 kg onions.

Farmers throughout the country have been organizing protests to make government pay heed to their problems. Last month, they marched to Delhi to put forth their demands to Modi government. This was the third time within three months that they staged large scale protests against government. 

With the agrarian crisis affecting economy and farmers alike, will government pay attention to the problems or just put forth loan waivers promises during 2019 elections that are rarely kept? 


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